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The Art of Business, The Business of Art

The Art of Business, The Business of Art - Laurence Boschetto

One of my favorite ways to spend a free afternoon is to head to the Museum of Modern Art in midtown Manhattan, and wander the halls.  It’s good for the creative soul.  I recently attended a phenomenal de Kooning exhibition, and as always, I stopped to admire the work of perhaps my favorite artist, Jackson Pollock, in this, what would have been his 100th birthday year. 

Welcome to LaurenceBoschetto.com

Welcome to the online dossier for Laurence Boschetto, Senior Advisor to the Interpublic Group and former CEO and President of Draftfcb. If you’re a conference organizer or reporter who would like to contact Laurence for an upcoming speaking opportunity or story, please contact Wally Petersen at 312.425.6005 or wally.petersen@draftfcb.com

Dignified Intolerance

Reflecting on Black History Month 2012, Draftfcb CEO and President Laurence Boschetto calls for adopting what he refers to as “Dignified Intolerance” when it comes to challenging those people who still choose to build barriers when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Citing a growing lack of patience for anyone who chooses to hold back people of different races, religions, genders, cultures and sexual orientations, Boschetto makes the point that creating a diverse and inclusive world is not something that should be debated but embraced. He challenges fellow CEOSs to press the fight for inclusion of ALL people, not a select minority.

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An intro to Laurence Boschetto Senior Advisor to the Interpublic Group

Back in 2006, Interpublic Group brought together Foote, Cone & Belding, the then 133-year-old traditional global agency, with Draft, the 28-year-old marketing services agency with expertise in direct marketing, digital, retail and shopper marketing, to create Draftfcb.
Today Draftfcb is a fully integrated agency with a single worldwide P&L, a network employing more than 9,000 people spanning 96 countries, and a blue chip client roster that includes SC Johnson, Kraft, Taco Bell, Boeing, Dow, Nestlé, Dockers, Sony, Volkswagen, and Beiersdorf’s entire global portfolio.
Draftfcb is a new model agency built around its proprietary "6.5 Seconds That Matter SM" operating system, which is based on research that shows advertisers have an average of 6.5 seconds to capture consumers’ attention and compel them to act.
At the helm of Draftfcb is Laurence Boschetto as global CEO and president. He is a leader who, while the world was in the throes of the worst economic meltdown in nearly a century, has effectively led the organization through a successful merger and achieved an unprecedented 14 quarters of profitable growth – a streak that continues.
This current day “Mad Man” grew up in advertising, working on both the agency and client side (Manufacturers Hanover Trust to Bank of America to American Express and Van Cleef & Arpels to Christian Dior and PrimeSTar to DirecTV, etc.). Since that time, he has not only established a new agency model, but has championed diversity within the agency.  Based on an all-inclusive vision for the company, he has also made clear-cut moves to deal with the new realities bombarding the ad industry and Draftfcb’s clients.
Unusual in the ad world, Laurence is a Six Sigma CEO who actually values the client procurement process. He doesn’t cringe when procurement is involved and has long recognized the value of making friends and allies of procurement officers.

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